Thursday, March 25, 2010

This blogging thing, part 2

No one wants to blog in vacuum, right? But I haven't figured out how I'll feel if, after a number of months, I've only got a small and extremely casual readership.

I do know that I don't need dozens of comments per week for a sense of validation. Comments will flow in more or less naturally, or they won't. I'm not going to twist myself out of shape about it.

That said, I'm going to briefly react to the fact that I got one stray, sniping comment this week (hey, a grassroots reader!). I think I also got one (two?) last year when the blog was starting to gain a little momentum and attracted some flattering and/or thoughtful feedback. So, I've decided to turn on comment moderation.

Yes, it feels a little silly, given the exceptionally niche status I have so far. But I don't want to open up this space for the kind of nonsense bedeviling so many sites -- namely, a stream of ad hominem attacks and general craziness. Some bloggers agonize about acting like censors, even when all they're doing is cutting off the nut jobs and haters. Not me. I came to peace with this when I tried to keep my portion of a newspaper blog as unrestricted as possible. All it did was encourage the type of behavior that should always be blocked.

Comment space here is limited to civil discourse. Strenuous civil discourse, fine. Vileness, no. My call.

Oh, and I'm also past caring if the comments don't land here when I tease to a post through Facebook. The pattern is that some folks hit the link, read here, but react on Facebook. Glad they're reading, glad they're commenting in any way. As time goes on, I think a fair amount of you will find me useful or diverting. That certainly would be validation if it's really measurable.


  1. Welcome back. Comments on blogs amuse me. I attribute a lot of people's vile/nasty comments to "keyboard courage." It's alarming to think that anonymity is all it takes for some people to forget common decency.

  2. Indeed, Kim. And all I've gotten is the common decency lapse. Vile yet to come, I suppose.