Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Someone you know will like this, part 1

My signature possession is a large ring, worn on my right hand, that features the Green Lantern symbol (Hal Jordan variety). It was purchased quite a while ago at a branch of the first generation of brick-and-mortar Warner Bros. stores.

The ring -- I'll have more to say about it, plus photos, in a future post -- provides extraordinary weekly confirmation of how important comic books are in this society. The GL symbol is hardly on the order of, say, the American bald eagle or the Nike swoosh, just to cite two other wildly disparate emblems. Or at least you wouldn't think so. And yet, the number of people who recognize it (and smile) is astounding -- bank tellers, waiters, checkout clerks and attentive women (I might be exaggerating about one of those categories). If you know someone who's really into superheroes from the classic DC lineup, I've been checking out something they'll probably be interested in:

Hit this link and you'll visit the ArrobaSilver jewelry store on eBay, a DC product licensee (I confirmed that with a DC spokesperson). Products include an assortment of intriguing Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash rings. When I relaunched this blog, I said I was doing some shopping that would allow me to offer useful consumer advice. Based on the years of reaction to my current GL ring, I have to think there's huge potential interest in similar merchandise. If you check out the eBay store as a first step, the review I'm planning will be more relevant.

And that's why I'm holding off on the actual review for now. But I will say that my initial purchase arrived, the buying experience was good and my first impressions about what I received are quite favorable. There's more to recount, however, and I also think I want to interview somebody at ArrobaSilver. If you're wondering, I have no business association (and no family or friend connection) with ArrobaSilver, and I made my purchase just like any other customer. In the course of asking some pre-purchase questions, I did tell an ArrobaSilver representative that I might be interested in interviewing someone for my blog, but I can't detect any sign of getting the slightest special treatment (c'mon, this blog is far from wielding that kind of clout).

So check out the store, shoot me any questions or comments you have, and sometime soon, I'll have a review.

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  1. I met a guy a few years ago, and by a few I mean back in the mid-90's, who was wearing a Green Lantern. I think he was kind of embarrassed about it when I mentioned it. Though he did eventually admit to also having the full sized, recharging lantern, at home.