Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The collector's eye

This blog has been silent for too long, for all sorts of reasons. More on that in the days to come.

One good thing: I'm swimming in material that I think will promote the kind of conversation that makes regular posting so rewarding. Let's start with this: Did I find a truly cool collectible at last month's Super-Con event in San Jose or was I just an impulse buyer who succumbed to his worst fanboy tendencies?

I bought what was billed as -- and genuinely seems to be, based on my research so far -- the uninstalled display glass from one of Bally's 1978 "Star Trek'' pinball machines. Here's a link to a Web site with some background on the machine (my purchase is the glass panel with Capt. Kirk in the foreground).

To my way of thinking, I got a neat piece of pop culture artwork (yes, art!) and maybe (probably?) a relatively rare item that would excite a lot of Trekkers. Or did I just drag something home (it was heavy!) that will make only one contribution to my family's life -- additional clutter.

You tell me. I paid $250 after some skillful haggling. Did I make a great find? Prize or booby prize?

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