Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Scrubs'' does it right

(I've been away from the blog for a bit. You've heard the TV commercial -- "We had a health concern, but it turned out to be nothing.'' Maybe not an exact quote, but close. In my household, there have been some health concerns. They were something, but they're receding. So, I'm back)

Wednesday night's one-hour "Scrubs'' episode may have been a series finale (or so contend the nation's TV reporters). I hope so.

I'm saying that even though -- leaving the unique "Seinfeld'' aside -- "Scrubs" is probably my favorite TV comedy ever. When you care enough about a series, you want appropriate closure when the time comes. And I've been astounded over the years at how many final episodes are horribly botched.

Wednesday's "Scrubs'' was pitch perfect. It had heart. It alternated between outrageously funny and subtly funny. It was smart. It was tender. It was everything that has distinguished the series. It was proof that network TV isn't creatively bankrupt, at least not completely. For many of the cast members, it will be a career high point, even if they go on to other good things.

The closure was more than appropriate, more than satisfactory. It was sweet. Say it out loud: SWEET!

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