Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thanks . . . Oh, and Mr. Ebert, please hurry back

Many thanks to those of you who have found this blog and have e-mailed me or started commenting. Those of you who know me best won't be surprised that I'll often respond one to one, but yes, I'm hoping this blog also builds enough readership to nurture a lot of conversation from post to post.

This evening, I was bouncing around the Web in pursuit of many of the week's pop culture stories, and the "Watchmen" flick was at the top of my list. As it happened, the now disastrous "At the Movies'' TV show came on across the room, reminding me of the void we've been left with since two forgettable (why name them?) non-personalities were given the reviewing platform that belonged to Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper at the program's last heyday. After Ebert became ill and Roeper teamed with various guest critics, the show was less engaging but still highly watchable. Not now.

For me, the release of an event movie is less fun without Ebert and Roeper swapping observations about it. But as I kept spinning through Web sites -- while the current hosts chattered hollowly about "Watchmen" -- I found a number of references to Ebert having recently written that he and Roeper will soon announce a new review show. That will make me as happy as a well-cast Green Lantern movie.

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