Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Facebook, the blog sinkhole

I resisted Facebook -- out of sheer ignorance -- for quite a while. Once I discovered its power professionally as well as socially (the latter still being most valuable), I became a huge fan.

Now it poses a substantial dilemma. This blog format is a far better way to deliver commentary, foster conversation and perhaps even do some hard-news journalism. But Facebook is a great way to direct people here and build some momentum for wide-ranging discussions. Indeed, Facebook proved impressively helpful when this blog launched. But then the other shoe dropped.

As I've continued to tease to topics on this blog, people have registered their thoughts right then and there on Facebook, accompanying whatever little synopsis I had hoped would drive people to this site. Facebook is a one-stop convenience for all sorts of expression -- an amazingly sticky destination that easily can deter a side trip to Blogger land. I understand that; I respect it. But I think it could end up offering too easy a way for people to share ideas. Too lazy a way, to be honest.

I think we could have some deeper exchanges here at SectorEarth, along with plenty of fun. Those of you kind enough to have paid some attention so far, please spread the word. Coming soon: Some thoughts about the "Watchmen" flick and Amazion's new video-game trade-in service.

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